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3 job interviews ChatGPT has passed so far. See how much they pay.

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s advanced chatbot developed from its language model GPT3, can do almost anything. From helping you to find love, draft cover letters and resumes to even writing poems in the voices of dead authors, ChatGPT has your back. The new fresh hell we find ourselves in now is ChatGPT has the ability to nail job interviews.

Artificial intelligence may not be on the verge of replacing most jobs, but it’s fascinating how easy it is for this simple chatbot to win over recruiters for some very high-paying positions. This recent trend of AI job-hunting shouldn’t worry you yet, but we looked at some of the jobs ChatGPT is getting shortlisted for:

Coder at Google (average salary: $187,000)

According to PayScale, the average salary for a software engineer in the United States is around $90,000 a year. That’s a lot of money, which makes the interview process a bit of a challenge for those looking to rake in the dough. However, for ChatGPT, apparently, it’s a breeze.

In an article published by PCMag(Opens in a new window), the chatbot was able to “amazingly” pass Google’s level 3 engineering coding interview. While an L3 Engineer at Google is an entry-level position, it comes with a $187,000 salary. However, it should be noted that Google’s coding interview relied on technical questions which are easy for a language-learning model to answer. But behavioral questions, such as “tell me a time when,” are a barrier for the AI.


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Coder at Amazon (average salary: $135,000)

Google was not the only big tech company where ChatGPT was able to gain a coding position. According to Business Insider(Opens in a new window), an engineer at Amazon asked the chatbot interview questions used by the company for its coding jobs and got them right. In internal Slack documents acquired by Insider, the employee wrote “I’m both scared and excited to see what impact this will have on the way that we conduct coding interviews.” Entry-level software engineering jobs at Amazon start at $135,000(Opens in a new window).

More broadly across the tech spectrum though, many across the internet, especially on Reddit, have spoken out about how ChatGPT has helped them to land job interviews and with the job interview process.

Communications Consultant at Schwa (average salary: $56,000 US)

ChatGPT has its fingers in the consultancy game, it seems, according to an article from Sky News. The outlet reported(Opens in a new window) that Schwa, a communications consultancy firm in London, had used AI to help with its hiring process. The chatbot was so good, they mistakenly shortlisted the AI for the job.

“It was more competent than a lot of the bad people who apply to us,” Neil Taylor, the owner, and founder of Schwa told Sky News.

However, despite being shortlisted for the job, Taylor told Sky News that ChatGPT’s initial responses were “competent but a bit dull.” With more specific prompts, the AI sounded more “opinionated” and “punchier.”

Consultancy is a well-paying job, and the average salary in the United Kingdom is around £47,000 (just a bit over $56,000 US) according to Glassdoor(Opens in a new window).

As for what the job actually is, a communications consultant is “a professional who provides expert advice and support to organizations and individuals in effectively communicating their messages to target audiences,” according to the best expert Mashable could find on short notice: ChatGPT.

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