Wednesday , 29 November 2023

BluOS 4.0 Mobile App Update Is Coming: ISE 2023

If you stream music using the BluOS multi-room music management platform that is used to control NAD, PSB, Bluesound, and Cyrus Audio components — things are about get a little easier when the BluOS 4.0 mobile app update arrives this spring.

Improvements include cosmetic enhancements such as a cleaner layout, easier access around its navigation and menus, and customization options to suit individual listening needs.

A preview of BluOS 4.0 will be on display at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2023) conference in Barcelona, Spain from January 31st – February 3rd, ahead of its public launch in the spring of 2023.

“BluOS 4.0 brings added depth to personalized, multi-room hi-res listening” says Andrew Haines, BluOS Product Manager. “This comprehensive redesign of the mobile app interface reflects a commitment to delivering seamless user experiences for BluOS users.”

Note: Photo above is not of BluOS 4.0. As we learn more this post will be updated.

What’s new?

An all-new home screen display in the BluOS 4.0 update is an exciting way to start the listening experience. A sleek, tile-based layout provides easy access to users’ most frequently listened-to stations, music selections, recently played, services, news, updates and more. 

The navigation bar is relocated to the bottom of the screen to provide users with easier reach of the menu and one-tap access to the most important features of the BluOS app: Home, Favorites, Music, Players and Search.

A globally accessible Search feature will improve on the previous search function by providing a default music service selection based on the users’ listening behavior, making it significantly easier than before for users’ to navigate to the contents they’re looking for. For instance, if a user has only a single Music Service set up, the Search function will default to it. If they have multiple, the Search function will default to the one that was last browsed.

In the browsing view, the ‘+’ button manages Music Services, making it quicker for users to switch, manage and control streaming services.

Add or remove Favorites with one click using the ‘star’ icon in top right corner of the Albums & Playlists page (if the Service provides the option).

Controlling and managing players in the Player Drawer will be directly accessible with one click from the ‘Now Playing’ screen. A selector for the Now Playing / Play Queue will improve user experience when switching between both while a quality Indicator on Now Playing screen will toggle between the basic and detailed information.

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Key Highlights of the BluOS 4.0 update:

  • Easy-to-reach navigation and menus
  • One-tap access to search, favorites and more
  • A ‘home’ for your most recent and most frequently accessed music
  • Modern, clean layout for quick glance information

About BluOS

BluOS™ is a premium multi-room audio ecosystem that manages stored and cloud music sources and playback, with support for high-resolution audio streams up to 24-bit/192kHz.

Adopted by some of the most renowned residential hi-fi and commercial audio brands and integrated with numerous IoT and voice control systems, BluOS allows for interoperability among enabled devices across brands for maximum versatility and use cases.

Integrations with popular streaming music services like Tidal, Spotify, SoundMachine, and SiriusXM for Business, as well as featuring support for FLAC, WAV, MQA, and other high-resolution formats and codecs, BluOS offers virtually unlimited access to music of all genres for any occasion.

Made up of an operating system and a control application for smartphones, tablets, and PC desktops, BluOS is the ultimate choice for the modern audiophile or customer experience professional.

For more information:

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