Wednesday , 29 November 2023

February 2023 Energy Report: Confusion & Opportunity Ahead

The first theme I feel this month is a light cloud cover, which can feel like confusion. We can look at confusion as a bad thing, but it can actually be an indication of moving out of an old way of being. When we are growing spiritually and we haven’t set new patterns yet—but we have more awareness of the old pattern we want to release—we often do feel confused. 

What is this new life? Who am I in this new way of being? We aren’t sure yet. And because our brains couple safety with the familiar, it can feel, well, unsafe. Or scary. Or just not right. I call this time between old patterns and new ones the “messy middle,” and I witness it a lot with my clients (and myself).

It can, however, be a fun time if we shift our perspective a bit. If we look at it as, “What else is possible now?” instead of, “Oh my God, I have no idea what’s next!” we can be open to more possibilities.

So, if you experience some of this confusion around what you want and where you’re going this month, know you aren’t alone. A lot of us will likely feel like the energy of January has left, and since then, it’s picked up a lot of steam—but that doesn’t necessarily mean the new direction is clear.

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