Wednesday , 29 November 2023

HBO turns ‘Mario Kart’ into gritty psych drama in ‘SNL’ sketch

It seems the success of HBO’s The Last of Us has gotten to the heads of the executives, who are now making plans to reimagine another hugely popular video game into a gritty psychological drama. And that game is…Mario Kart?

Yes, that’s right, Saturday Night Live presented to us the fictional trailer for “Mario Kart,” a gritty post-apocalyptic drama featuring host Pedro Pascal as the titular Mario. In a world devastated by Bowser (Kenan Thompson), Mario must escort Princess Peach (Chloe Fineman) to Rainbow Road. It will also star Luigi (Mikey Day), Yoshi (Bowen Yang), and Toad (Marcello Herna╠ündez) as potential allies who also just so happen to be bisexual.


What does it mean that ‘The Last of Us’ episode 3 has been ‘review bombed’?

From the high production value, intentional overacting, and attention to detail, this is quite honestly one of the best-produced sketches in recent SNL memory. It’s worth a watch, even to just hear Pascal say “It’s a me, Mario,” in a gruff, action-protagonist voice.

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