Wednesday , 29 November 2023

Spotify is back after an outage

Spotify says it has recovered from an outage that took place on Thursday.

While there were issues, the company said on its community forums that “We’ve received some reports that our website is presenting some technical difficulties so some of our services like the web player are being affected.” In a later update to that page, the company confirmed that “the Spotify app on different platforms is also affected.”

I was having some problems with the service even though I’m not a subscriber. wouldn’t load for me on Chrome, and I was running into a “something went wrong” error message when I try and open the Mac app. As of this writing, however, both are working for me.

It wasn’t just me. Downdetector user reports peaked at above 40,000 shortly after 2PM ET, but the number of reports is falling.

This is the second time the service has gone down this month. Less than two weeks ago, there was a similar outage that lasted for around three hours.

Update January 26th, 3:44PM ET: Spotify says things are fixed.

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