Wednesday , 29 November 2023

Stephen Colbert blasts Meta’s plans to reinstate Trump on Facebook and Instagram

Late Show host Stephen Colbert has blasted Meta for its decision to allow Donald Trump back on Facebook and Instagram two years after he was banned for inciting a violent insurrection. Apparently Meta thinks that the risk Trump’s social media posts posed to public safety has “sufficiently receded.”

“The risk has receded because he’s gone!” Colbert objected. “‘You know, between knife thrusts Jack the Ripper is a pretty chill dude. Give him the knife back.'”

To make a terrible situation worse, Meta also said that it won’t fact check Trump because he’s running for president. If his Truth Socials posts are anything to go by, this won’t end well. However, Colbert noted that Meta is at least putting some restrictions on Trump, and will temporarily suspend his account after just one policy violation rather than than waiting for the fifth strike.

“The ex president will be required to follow Meta’s updated community guidelines, which prohibit violence and incitement, fraud and deception, and hate speech,” Colbert said. “So all the former president’s love languages.”

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