Wednesday , 29 November 2023

The Best Meditation Chairs Of 2023 For A More Supported Practice

Frequent travelers will love this portable meditation chair, which helps hold you accountable to your practice no matter where you are. With adjustable back support, a foldable frame, and a plush easy-to-clean cover, it’s ideal for getting zen both indoors and outdoors. To keep the chair looking good as new, it’s recommended that you spot-treat stains with a damp sponge. 

The comfy foam padding only adds to this chair’s appeal, keeping the spine and sit bones supported while still being thin enough to fold up. Plus, at just 12 pounds, it’s fairly lightweight and easy to transport. 

Even though this chair isn’t as supportive or heavy-duty as others, it has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. A shopper who experiences back pain says, “I’m so happy with my purchase. I got this chair to offer me back support while meditating. I can set it to either lay down, sit up straight, or lounge back. It’s very supportive. A great buy and I’m glad I chose this style.”

One person mentions that, while they’re pleased with her purchase, they wish they could fold it in half. “Carrying it around fully flat and open can be inconvenient. Otherwise, it’s fantastic,” they write.

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