Wednesday , 29 November 2023

The Perfect Dupe Recipe For Hailey Bieber’s $17 Erewhon Smoothie

Not to mention, this blend contains 17.7 grams of hydrolyzed collagen peptides as well, all in the same step. Not so bad, huh?

And we’d be remiss not to mention that your skin’s natural collagen production fades with age. Around your mid to late 20s (depending on genetics), your collagen production will slow down. From that point on, you’ll lose about 1% of your collagen stash every year22. And once menopause comes along, you can actually lose around 30%. 

Collagen plays a major role in supporting healthy, youthful-looking skin.* The list of benefits of collagen supplementation is a mile long, but here’s a guide to get you started. 

We appreciate the emphasis on caring for your skin from the inside out, and this dupe recipe is a great way to do just that from your own home. 

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